Dolls For New Borns – Baby Stella Peach Doll

This year I want to tell you about adorable new released and old school soft and safety dolls for new born babies. Lets start with one of the most popular dolls so long Baby Stella peach doll. It’s an amazingly soft and fine and also perfect sized doll for little ones to start from. Kids can start from touching it and develop their playing skills later.

Baby Stella Peach doll Pic
Baby Stella Peach Doll

Doll is made from super soft fabric which makes her a perfect doll for sleeping time. It also doesn’t include any harsh parts like plastic eyes or something like this, all the parts of its body are also made from soft material like fleece or embroidered like it eyes.

Baby Stella Peach Pic

Doll is dressed up in a cutest robe and pants very light pastel colors and cozy fabric. Kids also can change its diaper and play with it any way they like. Baby doll Stella has very realistic looking body shape, its legs and arms look like newborn baby legs and arms, its also has a belly button, short hair and little smile. Kids will love to play with her and it will become their best friend for a long long years. You also can go ahead and create more robes and clothings for your new baby Stella doll, it will be even more fun play changing and mixing games. And of course it’s not only one doll that you can purchase, it’s a whole collection of Baby Stella dolls by Manhattan Toy manufacture. You can choose any style that you like – girl doll, boy doll, new born, long hair, short hair, black hair, yellow hair and so on.

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