Doll Carriers For 18 Inch Doll

What is the best way to carry a baby doll? The best accessory for this purpose is a doll carrier. Today I’m going to tell you about the most popular doll carriers for 18 inch dolls like American Girls and smaller ones.

Doll Carrier
Doll Carrier

If you choose a doll carrier you need to think of such things as durability, quality of fabric, ability to fit girls of different ages and dolls of different shapes and length. The doll carrier I recommend fits most of dolls and easily can be transform to fit very small and older girls. Just ask yourself, what is the most popular baby doll now? I’m sure that most of you think of American Girl “Bitty Baby” doll, this 15 inch baby doll who looks like real baby, perfectly goes into this doll carrier. What’s more the carrier has adjusting straps which can be set to fit any little girl from 2 to 9 years old perfectly. The canvas is made from 100% cotton and it’s easy to clean, machine wash and dry is enough to keep it tidy. Special design of inside pocket keeps any doll safe and secure, also girls can worn it in front and back position.

Last time I was talking about detachable bike seat for dolls, the way how to add more fun and entertaining to usual bike riding. In this post I shared with you one more way for girls to take their favorite dolls where ever they go. Doll carrier is a great gift idea for girls who love to play baby sitting, it’s also very handy way to carry a doll. Keep your doll safe and your hand free with this handy doll carrier for dolls and stuffed animals from 18 inch and smaller.

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