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What’s new for this year 2011 in doll market – Hasbro released new collection of toddler dolls – Crib Life dolls. Crib Life is a good life! Crib Life crew consists from 7 toddler girls: Lily Sweet, Sydney Cutie, Hailey Hula, Makayla Song, Lulu Lake, Ella Song, Sarina Cutie. Each crib life girl has it’s own personality, hobby and interests. Dolls have big heads and small bodies, they come with lots of accessories and outfits to play dress up games, and what’s more each doll comes with special online code that you can use to register your doll online and make your own virtual crib life crew.

Crib Life Doll Ella Song
Ella Song
Crib Life Doll Lily Sweet
Lily Sweet
Crib Life Doll Twins Sarina And Sydney
Sarina And Sydney

Crib Life – Born awesome! How do you like these new toddler dolls with attitude? They definitely really cute, they not so big and not so small, just exactly the right size for kids to play with them. They also have very cute faces with big eyes and funny expressions. Each doll totally differs from other ones, it’s unique hair color and hair style, unique eye color, skin tone, and of course outfits and accessories coming with each single doll. These dolls are made from nice to touch rubber material, and their hairs are also made from rubber. On one hand it means that you can style them a lot and they always are the same without any changes, on the other hand it means that it’s much easier to clean crib dolls and also they are safer for smaller kids. Doll cribs have pretty short and small bodies in comparison with their heads, heads is about the length of all body, but it makes these dolls even cuter, because their have pretty big eyes and little arms and legs that look really adorable. Another great thing about small bodies is that they look like real toddlers who crawl and just start walking a bit. Outfits and accessories are also very cool, little dresses, pants, tops, tights, socks, shorts, hats, and many more, all very nice colors and pretty design. But what’s more interesting is online version of your crib doll. When you register your doll online you will find out that it’s much more interactive and interesting girl to play with, because each doll has it’s own attitude and personality, one loves dancing and another fashion, sport or art, music or sweets, they are so different, but they are best friends for ever. It’s a real crib life club where every one can have fun and relax with real friends.

Now let’s meet each doll one by one. Let’s start with Crib Life doll Sarina Cutie. Sarina is a diva, she is blond haired beauty with attitude, she loves the spotlight. Sarina has golden wavy locks, blue eyes and sense of fashion. She loves photo shoots, be the star and she is always with her cell phone calling friends about the next party plans. Sarina dreams to create her own fashion line of rattles for creative babies. She ha a twin sister called Sydney Cutie. On one hand Sydney look like her 5 minute older sister, she is blond with blue eyes girl. On the other hand, she is total opposite from her. Sydney loves sport, she loves skating, scootering, bicycling, and also she loves playing the drum and write her own songs. Next crib doll Makayla the brunet beauty with blue eyes. Makayla loves sport, music and peace. Every day she practice guitar and doing yoga. Makayla has little sister Ella Song the youngest crib life cutie. Ella loves playing the piano and dreams to be a musician one day. She has golden hair and green eyes. Next is geek girl Lily Sweet. Lily is a blond girl with hazel eyes. She loves gadgets, books, schemes, she is a brain of crib life crew. She can create anything the girls need. Her favorite thing is her smartphone, it includes everything she needs. Lula Lake the funny girl who likes sport and funny games. She loves swimming, running and all other activities. The last but not least is Hailey Hula, she was born in Hawaii and she loves traveling. Hailey has brown hair, green eyes and tanned skin.

Each doll crib come with figure’s charm, on the back side of the charm you will find secret code that allows you to register your doll online and watch secret videos and play online games with others cribs. Also each doll comes with little personal book where you will find more information about each particular girl, what she likes and what she doesn’t like at all, who is her best friend and what’s her dreams, who she’ll planning become when she’ll grow up.

One thing I want to add about Crib Life dolls, is that they resemble a bit new Lalaloopsy Littles toddler dolls. They are almost the same size, with big heads and short buddies, also you can change mix and share their outfits and accessories and they also have rubber hair instead of realistic looking rooted hair. This type of doll is kind of new trend for this year 2011, it seems to me that new wave of toddler like baby dolls are coming in a near future, anyway I hope this article was helpful and you got some idea about Crib Life dolls

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