Breyer Pony Gals Toys

Who doesn’t like ponies and horses, they are stunning animals, so strong, so beautiful and so smart. Today we are gonna review Breyer Pony Gals Toys for all who likes to play with horse toys and pony toys.

Breyer Pony Gals Chloe
Breyer Pony Gals Jasmin
Breyer Pony Gals Dixie
Breyer Pony Gals Daisy
Breyer Pony Gals Lily

Girls will love the adorable Pony Gals characters: Chloe, Jasmin, Dixie, Daisy and Lily. This is amazing collection of toy horses with moveable legs and realistic looking mane and tale. Breyer Pony Gals toys look like real horses. Look at Chloe the pinto horse, it is beautiful chocolate color horse with white and black legs and gray tail, she believes that practice makes perfect. Another beautiful horse is Jasmin, it’s appaloosa show horse. Jasmin is gray in color with black mane and tail. The third Breyer Pony gals Dixie the caramel color palimino horse with blond mane and tale, she likes adventures and the wind in her mane. Daisy the brown color pony gals toy likes to kick up her heels and have a good time. She’s a fierce competitor in the show ring and of course the best friend of all the girls. The last but not least is Breyer Pony Gals Lily, it’s beautiful dappled Grey Pony Gal with silver color flowing mane and tail. She is the strongest in the pack and the smartest one too, everyone wants to get her advice how to run faster and jump higher. I hope you also like these gorgeous Breyer Pony Gals Toys and collect them all. If your kids like horses the won’t be disappointed.

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