Brave Merida Princess Doll 2012

As soon as new movie Brave appeared on the big screen all girl have new hero to look at and this time it’s amazing red haired girl with strong personality and beauty inside and out. Now you can get your own Merida doll online or at your local store for your little princess too. The price starts from $10 and can be different depending on the quality and enclosed supplies and outfit of the doll.

Merida doll

Usually Merida comes wearing long maxi dress in blue color with a bow and long red wavy hair. She also has very cute beautiful face with freckles. Merida is a professional archer and a good friend for anyone who needs her friendship and help. She can ride the horse, she can shoot arrows with a bow, she can change her story, because she is brave and smart girl. What young lady doesn’t want to be like Merida? Great story, amazing movie and very cool Merida dolls to play.

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