Bratz On The Mic Dolls

Meet new Brazt dolls by MGA – Bratz on the mic collection. This line includes: all your favorite Bartz girls: Jade, Sasha, Yasmin, Cloe, and also Bratz boyz dolls: Thad and Eitan.

Bratz On The Mic Doll And Mic Jade
Bratz On The Mic Doll And Mic Sasha
Bratz On The Mic Doll And Mic Yasmin
Bratz On The Mic Doll And Mic Cloe
Bratz On The Mic Boyz Doll Thad
Bratz On The Mic Boyz Doll Eitan

This is really awesome collection includes all the dolls in their fabulous outfits coming with a real microphone and speaker for girls. So you can play with dolls, change their outfits, shoes and hair styles, and what’s more you also can practicing your own vocal skills. Dolls wear cool fashionable outfits right for the night party out or for hanging out with friend in a club. Also each doll comes with her own doll size microphone, sounds like a great team. But what’s so special about Bratz on the mic doll set, so it’s a handy and multifunctional gadget allowing to you transform your voice and apply different musical effects. The microphone includes special auto-tune and also vocoder filter effects, so kids can sing with their own voices or use auto-tune or vocoder. Absolutely amazing sound effects and lots of fun to sing with Bratz on the mic gadgets with your friends.
Now let’s talk a bit about the dolls. The line includes all your favorite characters, let me introduce them one by one. First is Jade – beautiful girl with red hair. Jade wear red slim dress and high-heeled black high boots. She has long red ear-rings and red microphone. Next is Sasha – brunet beuty with brown hair and dark skin tone. Sasha wears short gray dress with long sleeves and ankle boots. One more girl is Yasmin, black haired girl in pink slim shiny dress. The only one blond girl with a name Cloe wearing short purple dress and matching accessories. All Bratz girls comes with microphone and wearing sparkling party dress. There are also two Bratz boys in the pack: Thad and Eitan. Both boyz comes with guitars wearing cool hairstyles. Thad the boy with red hair is dressed up in black jamper and gray pants. Eitan the brunet wears black pants and white shirt with rock style print. The whole pack together is ready to rock your city. Next time I will tell you about Bratz on the mic Tour Bus, but now get ready to rock out with Bratz on the mic dolls 2011.

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