Bike Seat For Dolls

Bike seat for dolls and stuffed animals is a great summer gift for little princesses. For girls who like riding their bikes and playing with dolls, there is a really cool solution which helps them to combine these two activities and get more fun. All you need is just to attach bicycle doll seat to your bike and enjoy riding a bike and playing with your favorite doll at the same time.

Bike Seat For Dolls
Bike Seat For Dolls

Doll seat for bike is a really great idea especially for summer days. Girls definitely will love to take their favorite dolls or stuffed animals for a ride. There are lots of different types of bicycle seats for dolls, so you can easily choose the most appropriate one. Some of bicycle even come with already built-in doll seat, it can be back seat or front basket. Built-in doll seat is not always the best one to have, because first of all not every girl always wants to ride her doll where ever she goes, and second of all most of bicycles with built-in seat for doll are dedicated for very young girls. So if you want to have an opportunity to attach doll seat to a bike and easily take it away, and also share and mount it to different bikes then it’s better to choose detachable bike seat for dolls.

One of the most popular modals called Dolly Come Ride With Me Doll’s Bicycle Seat. It’s pink plastic seat which easily attaches to the seat post of most bikes, also it perfectly fits to most dolls and plush toys 18 to 22 inches length and less than 3 lbs. Well-designed safe shape and bright pink color with reflector tape will help to match it with most girl bikes and increase visibility on the road. Dolly come ride with me detachable bike seat for dolls is a great choice and perfect summer gift for young ladies.

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