BFC Ink Dolls Addison 18 Inch

Meet new 18 Inch BFC Ink Dolls Addison! This doll can make 100+ different poses, because she has bendable knees, ankles, elbows, wrists and turning torso and head. All girls from newest collection have improved body characteristics, well-made shiny hair and very natural eyes. Addison from new collection has very beautiful skin color and long wavy hair, which you can brush and make different hair styles. She wears stylish sport clothes and has secret journal.

BFC Ink Dolls Addison 18 Inch


The doll package includes one 18 inch tall BFC Ink doll Addison, one extra outfit, handbag, membership card, brush and journal. Addosin likes sport and everything related to active life, you read about her in the journal which is full of secrets and funny stories. Each Best Friends Club doll comes with such secret book under the lock, only the owner of keys can open it. You already know the new member and the only one 18 inch boy doll in BFC C.J., he has a secret crush on Addison. And it’s actually obvious, because they both like sport and they both are active and cheerful, they have to be together.

Addison likes sport style, but she choose her clothes very carefully, she doesn’t want to look like a boy or too sporty. This time she is dressed up in light blue long-sleeved t-shirt, lavender color skinny jeans and purple sneakers. Her extra outfit is a colorful with really cool print sport jacket on zip. It’s mostly pink with big blue,purple and red stars and circles. She also has very cute bright pink handbag and light blue plastic brush. Her journal is decorated with small purple bear and skate board at the top left corner there is a label Addison.

New Girls are awesome, because you can change their poses whatever you want, you can make them sit or lay or walk, hands up, aside, down and etc. 18 Inch Tall BFC Ink Dolls and Addison especially is a good choice and best quality.

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