BFC Ink. Best Friends Club 18 Inch Boy Doll C.J.

Great news for all Best Friends Club members – new 18 inch BFC boy doll C.J. is appeared in the club. This guy is actually the first boy doll and it’s really huge to have such a super-fun one in the team. Like all other girl dolls it comes with Journal Book, extra outfit, membership card and additional unique for each one accessory.

BFC Boy Doll CJ


C.J. is full of energy and he has a great personality, everyone thinks that he is super-fun to hang out with. He likes sport, his favorite one is skaterboarding, but he also likes climbing and surfing and basketball, he can do everything related to physical activity, because he is very positive and fast learning. Even if something goes wrong he doesn’t give up, he try ir again and again and very soon he will be abale to do new trick. Another hobby of C.J. is listening to music. He likes music and likes different types of music, rock and pop and drum and buss and even classic. It’s make him very educated what’s popular right now and what’s to choose for each single situation. C.J. dreams to be a DJ someday, even his name sound close. He likes to play music with his friends, his is a drummer. Actually the best drummer at school, that’s why all girls have a secret crush on him. But C.J. has a secret crush on Addison, it’s a big secret everybody, don’t tell anyone. By the way you can find out everything about C.J. and his favorite things to do in his Journal book, which enclosed into the doll package.

Now let’s look at this the newest BFC boy doll more closely. It’s 18 inch tall and dressed up in stylish but casual outfit – black skinny jeans, white t-shirts with print “Skate” on it and white sneakers with blues laces. The boy has caramel color hair and very cool hair style. his hair are not too long, but also not too short, so if you like you can brush them. He has a round face with big hazel eyes and perfect smile, no one girl goes by. As for the extra outfit, it’s a warm chequered longsleeves shirt, colors are red, dark blue and white. He also has a backpack made from chequered fabric, colors – blues, black and cream. Two more thing for this dollpack are blue color membership card and blue with yellow Journal book that includes a full story of C.J. and all his secrets. He doesn’t mind to share his secrets with BFC members, he likes to make new friends and have fun.

And the last one thing about the new Best Friends Club dolls, all these 18 inch dolls have bendy legs and hands, and each of them is totally possible to make 100+ poses. BFC boy doll C.J. is one of them, he is definitely the one who make your play time even more exciting.

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