BFC Best Friends Club Ink. 18 Inch Doll Noelle

This is one more 18 inch tall doll from BFC Best Friends Club Ink. – Noelle. Noelle is a twin sister of Aliesha, she looks like her sister and it’s hard to distinguish her from her sister. You can’t determine who is who while they start to show their personality and then you easily can say who is Noelle and who is Aliesha.

Noelle’s part in BFC club is secretary, because she is very orderly and organized person. She easily can do her work and help other girls do their work. She is also very kind and cheerful, but at the same time she is a little bit shy, which makes her still and quiet, but it happens only if she feels uncertain and uncomfortable. Other girls help Noelle to overcome her shyness.

Best Friends Club BFC Noelle Doll Package


Noelle dreams to be a veterinarian one day. She loves animals and likes to care about them, she even has her own pet Max, it’s a big dog and Noelle spends lots of time training, feeding and taking care of him.

So you know a little bit about new BFC doll and her personality, now let’s look at the dollpackage and what’s inside it. The package includes one Best Friends Club 18 inch doll Noelle dressed up in pink dress, one extra outfit, one pink brush, a Journal with lock and key, a membership card, Fortune teller game and a set of Noelle’s favorite things – phonendoscope.

Noelle is very shy girl, but she has a great personality, that’s why all her outfits and accessories are made in pink color. She likes pink and choose only pink things for herself. Let’s start with her light pink sleeveless dress, it’s short dress with bright pink belt – simple, but beautiful. Pink ballet shoes match to both outfits – dress and the second one suit. A pink small handbag is a great accessory to complete any outfit. The second outfit is a special suit, which is also pink in color with print small hearts and paw prints on it. Suit consists from sleeveless shirt, pants and white blouse, Noelle use it like a uniform for veterinarian practice. Also she has a phonendoscope to test animals breathing. Inside the doll package there is a pink brush to keep Noelle’s hair in perfect condition and secret journal to write your dreams and keep them save under the lock. What’s more – a membership card to become a BFC member.

As a result this Best Friends Club doll package is well made 18 inch doll Noelle, a great story, many accessories, online community and lots of fun.

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