BFC Best Friends Club Ink. 18 Inch Doll Kaitlin

BFCBest Friends Club Ink, and this is absolutely true, amazing story of five lovely girls: Kaitlin, Noelle, Aliesha, Addison and Calista. Each doll is unique, but all girls has very beautiful faces, interesting life stories and fashionable outfits. It’s pretty large 18 inch dolls together is the Best Friends Club.

Let’s meet the first girl from this club – Kaitlin!

BFC Best Friends Club Doll Kaitlin


Kaitlin is blond-haired 18 inch doll from BFC Best Friends Club Ink. Her story tell us that she is a designer. All her life she was very creative and artistic, these great talents help her to become very good designer. Kaitlin loves to work on her unusual and interesting design projects, she find new ideas everywhere and her friends help her a lot.

It’s time to open the doll package. First of all, inside the box you will find one 18 inch doll Kaitlin dressed up in gorgeous two colors dress, long-sleeved bolero, stylish long boots and small hand bag as accessory. She also has one more extra outfit, it consists from blue denim bell-bottomed jeans, white sleeveless t-shirt and funny green cap. One special BFC Book with lock and key, Membership card and Fortune Teller Game.

A couple words about the outfits. These outfits perfectly fit all 18 inch Best Friends Club dolls, they are well-made, very stylish and what is the most important you can easily combine them, because they are all perfectly match together by colors and style. The dress is made from light and chocolate brown fabrics, the top is light brown and the bottom layer is chocolate brown in color. It looks nice itself as well as in combination with light green bolero. Jeans and blouse makes very cosy and very casual outfit, you can combine them with green cap and balero or dress up separately from other clothing. Gray boots come with small the same color and texture gray handbag – together they make great addition to the outfits as accessories.

Together with a doll you will find BFC ink. book with lock and key, it’s a perfect secret book for little girl, where she can keep her secrets locked up – very exciting and creative part of this package. Also there is very special Membership card, now you can be the real member of Best Friends Club. And finally the last thing is Fortune Teller Game. So lots of accessories, extra outfit, secret book and funny game are all in one pack. Have fun, enjoy the new BFC doll Kaitlin, share your secrets and play with your friends.

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