BFC Best Friends Club Ink. 18 Inch Doll Calista

Now it’s time to meet one more girl from Best Friends Club – it’s 18 inch tall doll Calista. This girl is super smart and friendly. She is the club treasurer and supportive friend. Everyone who knows Calista is very glad to be her friend.

BFC Calista


The doll package includes one 18 inch doll dressed up with black short jeans, white shirt and blue sneakers; an extra outfit – green blouse and chequered skirt; soft blue plastic brush; one membership card, fortune teller game; a special journal with secrets, stories and activities and Calista’s favorite thing – blue laptop.

Like other girls Calista has round face and big expressive eyes. She doesn’t have a bang, but her hair is really long and wavy, it’s a pleasure to brush them and make different hair styles with help of enclosed brush. Her eyes is dark brown in color and she has one extra accessory which is very cool to play with. It’s glasses with black frame. No one other doll has such accessory. Another great thing that shows Calista’s personality is a blue laptop. She is very smart and likes learn everything new, especially mathematics. The laptop and internet help her a lot to investigate interesting things and search useful documents. Other girls not so familiar with all these computer things and Calista is always glad to help them to get computer skills. Actually the new member of Best Friens Club boy doll C.J. is also knows a lot about electronic gadgets and devices, he likes to share his knowledges and helps to other, that’s why it’s so exciting to be a member of BFC. If you have a trouble or just a question your friends are always happy to help you.

Calista wears white shirt with short sleeves, short black jeans or better to say breeches and light blue trainers. She also has an extra outfit – green shirt with ruffles and chequered white with pink skirt. Both outfits are casual and comfortable. The glasses is very small but meaningful accessory. It’s special computer glasses. Calista use it to protect her eyes from bright light, when she use her laptop to learn something or to play games. Actually she likes computer games and together with her small sister they play games very often. And finally a couple word about the journal. Each doll comes with a secret journal with stories, activities and secrets. It also comes with lock and key, which means your secrets always will be safe under the lock.

Don’t forget to check our Best Friends Club 18 inch dolls gallery, there you will find all the dolls including six from the newest collection: C.J., Gianna, Addison, Calista, Aleisha and Noelle. New dolls are possible to make 100+ poses.

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