BFC Best Friends Club Ink. 18 Inch Doll Aliesha

Meet new 18 inch doll from Best Friends Club – Aliesha! This girl has a great story and personality. She has twin sister Noelle who likes to care about animals and wants to be a veterinarian one day. Aliesha is a natural leader, she likes music, movies, fashion and celebrity stories. She also a leader in BFC club, she always has a couple of great ideas for each situation.

BFC Aliesha picture


This play doll is 18 inch tall, it comes together with two different fashion outfits, membership card, book with lock and key, Fortune teller game and cool accessories.

Aleisha has beautiful round face, big brown color eyes, pink lips and long dark brown hair. Any doll from this collection has well-made long hair which allows you to make various hair styles and play the real hair salon. Aleisha has pink plastic brush which helps you to keep her hair in perfect condition. Inside this doll package you also will find big yellow member book, it’s special book of each member of Best Friends Club. There you will keep your secret under the lock. Small key allows to open it only to the owner. Of course you’ll get the membership card, where you’ll put your name and photo, really cool stuff, it’s like an ID of secret club.

And now let’s look at fashion outfits. Aleisha wears only the most stylish and the most fashionable outfits. First of all she has beautiful sleeveless top, it’s black in color with pink flowers print. Together with top she wears green shorts with suspenders, two small pockets decorate shorts as well. As for the boots, she has a pair of trendy pink sneakers with white toes. To complete the outfit there is small pink with silver wallet. It’s decorated with small pink bows.

The second outfit is even much more stylish than the first one. Extra outfit includes colorful white tunic, purple fluffy short skirt and hand made small purse. All colors are very fresh and perfectly match each other. Aleisha looks great and gorgeous and she knows it as well.

The entire collection consists from five 18 inch girls: Aliesha, Noelle, Calista, Kaitlin and Addison. But it’s not only dolls, Best Friends Club is full-fledged online community – together with each doll you’ll get the unique secret code unlocking many games online.

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