BFC Best Friends Club Ink. 18 Inch Doll Addison

It’s time to meet one more new doll from Best Friends Club Ink. Collection – lovely Addison. Like other four girls Addison has her own amazing story, beautiful face and fashion outfits. It’s 18 inch doll with cool accessories and great personality.

BFC Addison


Each doll from this collection is a 18 inch doll which comes with really stylish outfits, membership card, accessories and special book.

Let’s start from the beginning. Addison is one of five beautiful girls which organized Best Friends Club. She is an event organizer in the club, because she always knows what to do and how to do. She comes with new ideas very shortly and almost all of them are really great, that’s why all girls decided to make her event organizer.

Out of the BFC Addison is very athletic girl, she can almost everything, but her favorite sport is skateboarding. She has her own very cool skateboard and special outfits – casual and comfortable – exactly what you need to have great time skating. Addison has two brothers and loves to spend time with them. She is very nice girl and can help everyone who needs her help.

So you can see, that this doll is very pretty. She is 18 inch tall with round face and big blue eyes. Addison has long brown a little bit curly hair, which you can brush and make different hair styles. In the box you will find a special brush, which helps you at your hair salon.

Addison wears nice blue suit – shorts and jacket. Shorts are purple with blue decorative stripes and jacket is white with blue and purple print on it. Also jacket has two round pockets and a cowl. It’s very stylish and sport. Actually Addison loves sport style, almost all her outfits are sport suits and shorts and t-shirts, because she is very active and need only comfortable clothings. Her extra outfit in this pack is also sports, it’s pink shorts and white with pink sleeves t-shirt – a good one for baseball or morning running.

Also this BFC doll package includes one pink brush, baseball gloves and ball, membership card and book with lock and key. So you can style your new doll, play baseball, become a member of Best Friend Club and keep your secrets under the lock. Have fun with Addison! Stick together – friends forever!

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