Best Friends Club Dolls Bed for 18 Inch BFC Girls

What’s your favorite place in your sweet home? I’m almost sure that it’s a bedroom, because bedroom is the most secluded corner for every girl. And the what is the best part of any bedroom – of course it’s a bed. So our BFC Dolls is not an exception, they also like comfort places and cosy beds. And today I’m gonna tell you about new BFC bed for 18 inch tall dolls. Actually you can see the bed at the picture below. It’s amazing!

BFC 18 Inch Dolls Bed


This dolls bed is designed for 18 inch Best Friends Club dolls, but you can use it for any other 18 inch tall and less girls. I even can say that it’s also suitable for dolls a little bit taller than eighteen inches, because the sizes of the bed are 21 x 11 x 9.5 inches. It’s better to use it for BFC or American Girls because in such case it perfectly fits them.

The manufacturer says: “With this BFC Large Doll Bed you can tuck your best friend into cozy comfort in this darling, dreamy bed where she can save up her energy for even more fun. It’s a place for her to read, relax, and dream away.” So sounds pretty good, I really like it, not only because it looks amazing, but it also very well made and all the materials and fabrics are safety tasted.

This package includes one doll bed with two decorated with lots of tiny hearts backs; one mattress, one blanket, two pillows different sizes – one is big rectangular with decorative lace at the edges and other is small heart-shaped. The blanket is also bordered with ruches. All bed stuff is from white cotton with print of colorful stars, dots, hearts and peace signs. The bed-clothes is washable and you can easily clean it if it’ll become dirty.

Make the game more realistic and exciting, add new stuff to your doll house. Such pretty dolls bed with heart-shaped details is a great furniture not only for 18 inch BFC dolls, but also for any other dolls the same or less size.

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