Best Friends Club 18 Inch Red Haired Doll BFC Ink Gianna

Let me introduce to you one more new doll from the newest Best Friends Club collection – BFC 18 Inch Red Haired Doll Gianna. Gianna is came to the club not long ago, she likes cooking and dreams to be a chief one day. Her best friend is Yuko. Yuko is also a new member of BFC, but I’ll tell you about her next time. This time I want you to focus attention on Gianna and her personality.

BFC 18 Inch Doll Gianna


Gianna is very shy girl, in this case she resembles Noelle a lot, that’s why Noelle is so happy to meet someone who is similar to her. Now they have joint interest and support each other. But this is inside part and outside they look different: Noelle is very tanned and Gianne is pale, her skin is almost white like a paper sheet. Also Gianna has freckles and unusual red color hair, they are long, straight and shiny. She is the only one girl in the club who has a bang, all other girls don’t have it. Her eyes are blue in color and her lips are soft pink. All BFC girls have realistic eyes and minimal makeup on her faces.

Now let’s go to Gianna’s dreams. She likes to cook, when she was a young girl she always helped her mother at the kitchen and now she likes to do everything herself. Gianna can make almost everything, but her speciality is sweet. She makes awesome cupcakes and treat her friends. You can imagine how happy all the Bst Friends Club members now when they have a personal cook in the team. Some more about Gianna and her hobby you can read at her journal. It’s actually looks really cool, it’s bright pink in color with pictures cupcakes, spoon, rolling-pin and lots of hearts on it.

It’s time to look at Gianna’s outfits. She wears pink short-sleeved dress decorated with white lace at the bottom. Also she has white tights and light pink balero jacket. To complete the outfit she has black ballet shoes, bright pink handbag and cat-eye glasses. She likes all girlish stuff and likes delicate and elegant clothes. Like all other BFC dolls this one comes with membership card and brush. But the most important part about this girl is her ability to make more than 100 poses. She has bendable knees, elbows, wrists and ankles, you also can turn her head, hands, legs and even torso. Besides Gianna all girls from the newest collection have the same type bodies and one more 18 inch boy doll C.J.

So now you know a little bit more about a new one member of Best Friends Club – 18 Inch Red Haired Doll Gianna. Next time I tell you about her best friend Yuko, stay tuned for new stories.

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