Barbie Tandem Bike

Barbie tandem bike Skipper and Chelsea is a really cool gift set for girls to give. The playset includes Barbie tandem bike and two Barbie sisters Skipper and Chelsea. Both dolls have articulated legs and really can ride a bike.

Barbie Sisters Tandem Bike
Barbie Sisters Tandem Bike

One more great surprise from Barbie tandem bike for two dolls to ride. The bike is made from colorful plastic parts and actually has all the moveable parts that real bike has, like wheels, pedals and handlebars. Also it’s not just ordinary doll bike, its Barbie doll tandem bike, which means there is not one but two bikes connected together for even more fun. Like I already said there are two doll bikes connected together, one of them is big made from blue plastic bike which actually fit to any doll of Barbie size. The second bike is small pink and removable, which means you can stick it to the big bike or detach it and use separately. Barbie tandem bike act like real, which means you can place your dolls in seats and make them riding. There is a special doll holder on each bike seat to keep your dolls steady and don’t get them fall down. In pack you also will find to Barbie sisters dolls Skipper the brunet beauty and Chelsea little funny girl. Both dolls are dressed up in cute casual dresses comfortable enough for a ride. Also dolls wear comfy shoes and bike helmets. Skipper’s helmet is blue decorated with stars and Chelsea’s helmet is pink and has a shape of mouse head. Barbie tandem bike and two dolls Skipper and Chelsea is really great gift idea for little girl and doll collector.

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