Barbie Ballerina I Can Be Ballet Teacher

Every girl dreams to be the prima ballerina and all girls love to play with dolls. Barbie Ballerina I Can Be Ballet Teacher set combines both options in one doll package. With new Barbie and Kelly ballerina dolls girls can replicate their own ballet class and pretending that Barbie and Kelly are real ballerinas dancing in the ballet class.

Barbie Ballerina I Can Be Ballet Teacher
Barbie Ballerina I Can Be Ballet Teacher

This new Barbie I Can Be Ballet Teacher set includes not one but two dolls: the first is of course is Barbie herself and the second is little ballet dancer Kelly doll. You also will find pink plastic twirling base, two ballet bars, boom box, Barbie’s pink purse and full length mirror, and what’s more – each doll-pack includes a special code inside that unlocks career-themed content online and allows girls to further try on the roles.

As for the ballet accessories coming in the Barbie ballerina teacher playset, there are lots of accessories to create a real ballet studio. Just look at these ballet bars – one is large made from blue plastic for Barbie and another small pink for young Kelly. Both bars have special locks, so you can stick the dolls and make them posing in all the ways you like. Also there is special plastic base to attach both Barbie and Kelly and make them turning and posing simultaneously in harmony. Barbie ballerina doll has articulated feet and looks like real ballerina. She teach Kelly how to pirouette and dance. Both dolls wear ballet outfits. Barbie is dressed up in blue swimsuit, ballet tutu skirt, pink leg warmers, and pointes. Kelly wears pink sparkling shirt, lilac tutu skirt, blue leg warmers and pink pointes. Barbie Ballerina I Can Be Ballet Teacher is a great gift idea for girls who love dancing and ballet particularly.

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