Baby Stella Stroller

So we already talked about Baby Stella dolls, that they are soft and save for little ones and there are baby boys and baby girls. We also talked about additional sets like diaper bag set and feeding set by Manhattan Toys manufacturer. And today I will show you one more cool thing that you cab purchase for your little one and Baby Stella doll, this is a stroller specially designed for this type of rag dolls and perfect size for young kids to stroll with it around.

Baby Stella Stroller Pic
Baby Stella Stroller

This stroller is a part of huge Baby Stella collection and it’s very well made and well designed. It’s a framed stroller for dolls which means you can easily fold it up for easy storage. Stroller is made from bright purple frame base, green wheels and colorful seat for a doll. All parts are pretty durable and kids can play strolling their favorite baby dolls back and force.

Stroller is also supplied with special belt holder for nice and easy fixing doll inside. If your kid is able to walk he or she is also very easy can handle this stroller and have fun zooming around with doll on board.

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