Baby Stella Diaper Bag

To make the game more interesting and teach your little one new things you can use absolutely safe and specially designed for young kids set called Baby Stella Diaper Bag designed and produced by Manhattan Toy manufacture. The set includes diaper bag sewed from soft cotton fabric, 3 different color diapers, 3 wipes, diaper cream, magnetic bottle and cell phone.

Baby Stella Darling Diaper Bag Pic
Diaper Bag

Very nice set full of useful stuff to teach your kid how to change baby diaper. Also since it comes with very cute and roomy bag you can put everything inside and use it like a storage. Later kids can use this adorable diaper bag as ordinary bag for yourself to carry all their favorite toys books and other stuff.

Baby Stella Diaper Bag Pic

What I really like about Baby Stella sets is that they are absolutely safe for little ones. All toys are made from soft fabrics, now plastic or harsh details that can hurt your baby or become any danger for baby as well. I also like that this set for example includes all the necessary stuff to take care of baby bottom. Kids can learn that first of all you need to clean it with wipe, then use diaper cream and then put new diaper. When baby doll is clean and dry you can feed with a bottle. There is also cell phone in this set to place a call to your doctor and discussed how everything goes. All the stuff comes in very nice and pretty colors, light blue pink green yellow and orange for kids to learn them too.

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