Baby Stella Boy

Here it is one more baby Stella doll for your little ones. This time I will show you a cute little soft baby boy doll in a sailor suit. He is super cute in his blue and white stripy bodysuit with dinosaur applique. This boy comes with his own soft pacifier for more realistic playing.

Baby Stella Boy Pic
Baby Stella Boy

All soft dolls from Baby Stella collection are designed and produced by Manhattan Toy company. It’s all about realistic looking baby dolls with cute little faces soft arms and leg that kids can bend and stretch. Dolls are absolutely safe and made from very soft and non toxic fabrics. You will see how cute they little bodies with small legs and arms, each doll also has embroidered eyes, nose, eyebrows and little smile. Everything is just like real kids even ears and belly button are in place. If you already have one child and waiting one more then you can purchase this doll for your older one to get familiar with baby coming soon. Kids love play pretending games and with this toy your little one will be happy to play different games like cuddling, hugging, changing clothings and diapers, feeding and many many more. The size of Baby Stella dolls is also perfect for little kids and what’s more you can easily wash this doll, you can wash it with soap if it’s a little bit dirty or you can machine wash it if it’s completely muddy. After that just let it dry and it’s ready again for a good play time.

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