ANTM Fashion Dolls Model Sienna

Today I decided to tell you about ANTM Fashion Doll Model Sienna, because I’m inspired by Tyra Banks’ new ANTM Cycle 15, which will start Wednesday September 8th. I like America’s Next Top Model show, there are lots of things to learn from it. It’s a world of high fashion, famous designers and fabulous clothes.

ANTM Fashion Doll Model Sienna
ANTM Fashion Doll Model Sienna

Price: $14.72

The doll Sienna is not just a doll it’s fashion doll, a model with fierce new clothes and accessories. The doll package includes one ANTM doll Sienna dressed up into stylish pink designer dress and pink high heels; golden handbag; a pair of sunglasses, and extra pair of high heels; cool accessories like a cell phone, and a hairbrush; a pair of earrings, and a necklace; a pair of shorts, a trendy top. All accessories and outfits are designed to match each other in color and style, so you can easily combine and change them.

The pink designer dress is awesome, it has silicone shoulder-straps and bell-shaped skirt. The dress is decorated with wide golden belt and comes with golden necklace and ear-rings. It looks very simple but high fashion, the perfect outfit for a top model. There is a small golden handbag to complete the outfit. The second extra outfit includes black shorts and light pink top. Top is made from very light fabric and decorated with print of roses. Sienna also has an extra pair of pink high heels. Her first shoes are more close to sandals on high heels. Also she has stylish unusual shape brush and cell phone. Cell phone can be easily placed into her handbag.

There are several different ANTM Fashion Dolls, Sienna is model with blond hair, blue eyes and pink lips. She likes fashionable clothes, accessories and magazines. Check back soon for the rest ANTM Fashion Dolls.

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