American Girl Doll 2012 McKenna

Introducing McKenna the American Girl doll of the year 2012. This blue-eyed beauty is gonna be your best friend for this year 2012. Perfect gift idea for little girl on February 14th St. Valentines Day or birthday or just something else you can think of.


McKenna is a golden haired doll with blue eyes and very friendly and curious face. Her hair is golden color with a bit of copper shade. Her eyes are big and blue just like skies or perfect pure lake color. She has little smile and 2 teeth showing up between her pink lips. American Girl MaKenna has perfect hair, just like all dolls from this manufacturer, this hair looks and feels like real, you can easily style them creating every time new amazing hair style, they are absolutely reshaped and can survive lots of hair experiments. So McKenna has straight long hair without bang or any other cuts, they are just perfect for styling, love this hair. OK, lets left her hair and go further and look at her outfit. She wears very cute and of course well made and high quality clothing. It’s very cute girlish casual outfit short pants and short tunic-dress. All made from stretchy green and gray fabric. Tunic is stripy green and gray with short sleeves and fluffy skirt. Pants are very simple with embroidered purple symbol on the right side. Also McKenna has under pants which is made from purple stretchy fabric with green matching symbol. And as an accessory she has purple hair elastic and matching purple with green stripes flats. The outfits is very adorable, just any American Girl doll will love to have this, and McKenna knows it. Besides the new doll of this year 2012 you also will find in the pack AG book about McKenna and what she loves to do. The book also matches in colors with outfits and tells a doll’s story. This doll I recommend for real fan of AG and all collectors.

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