All the Fingerlings Names

Hey there! I’ve just updated the information on Fingerlings names. For all of you who are looking for the full information on these very popular this year toys I have the list with names colors and short description about each and every one of all from Fingerlings family. Here they are!


  1. Amelia the light blue glitter monkey
  2. Kiki the light purple glitter monkey
  3. Sugar the snow white glitter monkey
  4. Rose the pink glitter monkey
  5. Kingsley the brown sloth
  6. Gigi the white unicorn
  7. Zoe the mint monkey
  8. Mia the purple monkey
  9. Finn the black monkey
  10. Boris the blue monkey
  11. Bella the pink monkey
  12. Sophie the white monkey
  13. Naima the navy glitter monkey
  14. Milly the lavender monkey
  15. Willy the blue monkey
  16. Aimee the red monkey
  17. Liv the blue monkey

So I have 17 different Fingerlings characters to choose from and collect. Which one is your favorite? I definitely love Zoe and Sugar and Gigi of course, but most of all I just adore exclusive Naima the navy one Fingerlings monkey.

I hope this list help you to see what character you already have and which one you may love to collect. I will update the list if new characters will be released soon.

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