Lalaloopsy Babies Pillow Featherbed

Have you already seen new button-eyed dolls by MGA Entertainment of course I’m talking about new Lalaloopsy Babies absolutely adorable soft dolls to play and collect. For now there are only 4 soft baby characters and it’s your favorite characters like Pillow Featherbed, Crumbs Sugar Cookie, Jewel Sparkles and Mittens Fluff ‘n’ Stuff. All four comes with soft huggable bodies cute baby faces, wearing diapers and with their cute baby pacifiers.

Lalaloopsy Babies Pillow Featherbed Pic
Pillow Featherbed

Of course I will show you all the characters one by one but lets start with my favorite Pillow Featherbed. This baby Pillow doll is about 11 inches tall and made from soft fabric for kids to play and hug. It’s a baby version of big Lala-doll Pillow Featherbed. She has pink body skin, black buttons for eyes and stripy pink and bright pink diaper. Her short curly hair are also pink and she has her pink pacifier in shape of heart. Like her big version this Baby Pillow comes with her baby pet sheep in shape of baby bottle and also doll wears very cute white with pink ears hat to resemble a sheep as well, very cute and absolutely adorable. Love this new collection of Lalaloopsy Babies dolls.

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Baby Stella Stroller

So we already talked about Baby Stella dolls, that they are soft and save for little ones and there are baby boys and baby girls. We also talked about additional sets like diaper bag set and feeding set by Manhattan Toys manufacturer. And today I will show you one more cool thing that you cab purchase for your little one and Baby Stella doll, this is a stroller specially designed for this type of rag dolls and perfect size for young kids to stroll with it around.

Baby Stella Stroller Pic
Baby Stella Stroller

This stroller is a part of huge Baby Stella collection and it’s very well made and well designed. It’s a framed stroller for dolls which means you can easily fold it up for easy storage. Stroller is made from bright purple frame base, green wheels and colorful seat for a doll. All parts are pretty durable and kids can play strolling their favorite baby dolls back and force.

Stroller is also supplied with special belt holder for nice and easy fixing doll inside. If your kid is able to walk he or she is also very easy can handle this stroller and have fun zooming around with doll on board.

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Baby Stella Diaper Bag

To make the game more interesting and teach your little one new things you can use absolutely safe and specially designed for young kids set called Baby Stella Diaper Bag designed and produced by Manhattan Toy manufacture. The set includes diaper bag sewed from soft cotton fabric, 3 different color diapers, 3 wipes, diaper cream, magnetic bottle and cell phone.

Baby Stella Darling Diaper Bag Pic
Diaper Bag

Very nice set full of useful stuff to teach your kid how to change baby diaper. Also since it comes with very cute and roomy bag you can put everything inside and use it like a storage. Later kids can use this adorable diaper bag as ordinary bag for yourself to carry all their favorite toys books and other stuff.

Baby Stella Diaper Bag Pic

What I really like about Baby Stella sets is that they are absolutely safe for little ones. All toys are made from soft fabrics, now plastic or harsh details that can hurt your baby or become any danger for baby as well. I also like that this set for example includes all the necessary stuff to take care of baby bottom. Kids can learn that first of all you need to clean it with wipe, then use diaper cream and then put new diaper. When baby doll is clean and dry you can feed with a bottle. There is also cell phone in this set to place a call to your doctor and discussed how everything goes. All the stuff comes in very nice and pretty colors, light blue pink green yellow and orange for kids to learn them too.

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Feeding Set For Baby Stella Doll

For those of you who is a lucky owner of sweet Baby Stella dolls I also recommend to purchase this adorable feeding set which includes baby bib, spoon, bottle, bowl and can of peas, everything made from soft washable materials and absolutely safe for little ones to play with.

Feeding Set For Baby Stella Pic
Feeding Set

This feeding set is really good for toddlers and young kids to play with, all the parts are soft and there is no danger at all. Kids can use all new stuff and learn how to feed the baby doll and how to take care of little ones which is really nice if you are planning more babies. All toys from this feeding set is made from washable materials and it’s easy to clean them up. Also colors are very nice, it’s green pink yellow orange blue and white to develop color sense. Shapes of toys are also very different which helps to understand such thing like big and small, round and oval and so on. Kids will learn how to put a bib on doll and how to use spoon to feed their favorite soft Stella doll. You can play with kids helping them to learn new stuff and describing each tool what is it how to use it and many more. This feeding set will bring more fun to your everyday games with kids.

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Baby Stella Boy

Here it is one more baby Stella doll for your little ones. This time I will show you a cute little soft baby boy doll in a sailor suit. He is super cute in his blue and white stripy bodysuit with dinosaur applique. This boy comes with his own soft pacifier for more realistic playing.

Baby Stella Boy Pic
Baby Stella Boy

All soft dolls from Baby Stella collection are designed and produced by Manhattan Toy company. It’s all about realistic looking baby dolls with cute little faces soft arms and leg that kids can bend and stretch. Dolls are absolutely safe and made from very soft and non toxic fabrics. You will see how cute they little bodies with small legs and arms, each doll also has embroidered eyes, nose, eyebrows and little smile. Everything is just like real kids even ears and belly button are in place. If you already have one child and waiting one more then you can purchase this doll for your older one to get familiar with baby coming soon. Kids love play pretending games and with this toy your little one will be happy to play different games like cuddling, hugging, changing clothings and diapers, feeding and many many more. The size of Baby Stella dolls is also perfect for little kids and what’s more you can easily wash this doll, you can wash it with soap if it’s a little bit dirty or you can machine wash it if it’s completely muddy. After that just let it dry and it’s ready again for a good play time.

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Dolls For New Borns – Baby Stella Peach Doll

This year I want to tell you about adorable new released and old school soft and safety dolls for new born babies. Lets start with one of the most popular dolls so long Baby Stella peach doll. It’s an amazingly soft and fine and also perfect sized doll for little ones to start from. Kids can start from touching it and develop their playing skills later.

Baby Stella Peach doll Pic
Baby Stella Peach Doll

Doll is made from super soft fabric which makes her a perfect doll for sleeping time. It also doesn’t include any harsh parts like plastic eyes or something like this, all the parts of its body are also made from soft material like fleece or embroidered like it eyes.

Baby Stella Peach Pic

Doll is dressed up in a cutest robe and pants very light pastel colors and cozy fabric. Kids also can change its diaper and play with it any way they like. Baby doll Stella has very realistic looking body shape, its legs and arms look like newborn baby legs and arms, its also has a belly button, short hair and little smile. Kids will love to play with her and it will become their best friend for a long long years. You also can go ahead and create more robes and clothings for your new baby Stella doll, it will be even more fun play changing and mixing games. And of course it’s not only one doll that you can purchase, it’s a whole collection of Baby Stella dolls by Manhattan Toy manufacture. You can choose any style that you like – girl doll, boy doll, new born, long hair, short hair, black hair, yellow hair and so on.

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Lala-Oopsies Princess Nutmeg

Meet new Lala-Oopsies Nutmeg princess doll by MGA. For this holiday season the manufacturer came up with the new line of Bitty Buttons dolls called Lala-Oopsies. And they are real like OOPSies, they are funny, cute and look so different from the previous version of Lalaloopsy dolls.

Princess Nutmeg
Princess Nutmeg

Here is Nutmeg the princess of Silly. On the Facebook fun page of Lalaloopsy dolls you can find a short description of this doll. And here what they tell about her:

Princess Nutmeg is the Princess of Silly. She lives in her own topsy-turvy kingdom where everything’s all about fun. She loves dancing and making her friends smile. And though she’s sometimes a bit clumsy, she always tries to do her best.

The feature of these new dolls is that they have bendable legs and squishy heads. Kids will love to play with them, no doubts great gift idea for Thanks Giving Day or Christmas or Birthday or whatever, they are awesome!

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Monster High Ghouls Rule Dolls Are Released

Hey all! I have an awesome news for all the MH dolls, finally the manufacturer released new series of Monster High dolls 2012 – Ghouls Rule. The series consists from 4 dolls in gorgeous gowns: Draculaura, Clawdeen Wolf, Frankie Stein and Cleo De Nile are finally available for purchase. So what do you think?

Clawdeen Wolf

Which doll is your favorite? Mine is definitely Clawdeen Wolf, she always was my favorite, because she is so special, wolfy girl with crazy hair style, and of course I love her little sister Howleen as well. I also prefer Clawdeen because she is the only one who wears cat suit, all others girls from Ghouls Rule series are wearing dresses maxi and short ones. I also love the fur and the makeup she looks really gorgeous. Accessories are awesome and purple hair color is really awesome too. Sorry guys for my awesome style for today, but it’s like I’m very excited about this collection, can’t wait to get them all sitting on my shelve.

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Moxie Girlz Box Doll

Hey guys! Let me introduce to you new series of Moxie Girlz box dolls. This is special release inspired by the summer Olympic Games 2012. The first doll from boxing series is Lexa the brunet beauty with green eyes. Lexa loves doing sport and this year she chose box to master and perform on the Olympiad 2012.

Moxie Girlz Box

What do you think is it great idea to release a boxing doll? Do you like the doll? She is actually wears really stylish and girlish sporty outfit: pink top and shorts and what’s more pink gloves. The manufacturer came up with Moxie Girlz boxing dolls because it’s a new type of games firstly included into the list. Before this year there was no women box type in the list. So I hope you love the idea and Lexa girl as well.

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Monster High Scaris Nights Series 2013

Are you ready for a new series of Monster High dolls 2013, the manufacturer prepared something really cool for their fans. This time they are planning to release Monster High Scaris Nights Travel collection. It includes all your favorite characters Frankie Stein, Draculaura, Rochelle Goyle, Clawdeen Wolf and also some new characters like Monster High JinaFire Long the Chinese girl and Skelita Calaveras the skeleton girl.

What’s the story behind? All MH girls are going to trip to Scaris the hometown of Rochelle. It’s a beautiful city with millions of lights and they definitely going to have a great time traveling around it and visiting all the amazing places. Now you know why this new Monster High collection is called Scaris Nights. So looking forward to see more girls from this series, new fashionable outfits and accessories and of course some really great story behind.

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